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Development of your employer branding strategy and roadmap.


Communications and employer branding training for recruiters and key employees.

What is Employer Branding?


Employer branding, also known at Talent Marketing, HR Marketing or Talent Attraction, is more than just a nice logo and clever marketing. At its core, it’s about knowing yourself as an employer, understanding the market and learning how to become more competitive. Your brand should reflect who you are as an employer – your goals, values and company culture. How you are perceived by your current employees and by the outside world are reflected in your brand. Your brand should inspire and excite your ideal employees. By investing in your employer brand you can cut recruitment costs, shorten your time-to-hire, increase candidate quality and lower your attrition rates. You’ll also notice a change in current employees in terms of their motivation and productivity.


No matter the size of your company, developing a strong employer brand can help you compete for the top talent in the market. Reflektor can help you understand who you are as an employer, where your strengths lie and what your USP is. We can help you in defining your Employer Value Proposition, building employee engagement, creating an inspiring brand and sharing the message with the right people on the right channels.


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Who am I?

Selina McCarthy

Selina McCarthy


Selina McCarthy is an employer branding expert who has 10+ years working in the technology sector. With a Masters In International Management, she has worked for various different organisations throughout Europe, including Gartner, Web Summit, Lidl and Zalando SE. Having worked in the Berlin tech scene for 5 years, she understands start-ups and what it takes to become an attractive employer. Selina is also an amateur stand-up comic, an avid surfer and a yogi.

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